The ins and outs of Integrated Marketing. Webinar Series

How integrated are your campaigns?

Webinar series – #4 “Integrated Marketing: a case study”


With so much clutter in the market and every man, woman and their dog vying for our attention, creating an impactful campaign that cuts through and connects is more important than ever. The term ‘integrated marketing’ gets bandied about quite a bit, but what is it really and how can you make the most of it?

To answer this, we put together a short 30 minute webinar which covered:

1. What Integrated marketing is
2. Measuring success
3. Case studies – Integrated marketing in action
4. Integrated thinking

Weren’t able to join us? You can watch the webinar in full below. Here we discuss various insights and thoughts around creating a successful integrated campaign.

Watch it now

Download a pdf

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