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Engine keeps ticking over nicely.

We’ve been busy here at Engine over the last couple of months creating some more positive change, including a powerful awareness campaign for the Queensland Government, rebranding a whole new town, and delivering a timely and inspiring tourism campaign that responds directly to the current world situation.

Fire Ants – Stopping a super pest.

Fire ants are not native to Australia and are considered a Category 1 problem under the Biosecurity Act 2014. Originally from South America, they arrived here in 2001 and can inflict a painful sting, are aggressive, highly adaptive and well-equipped for survival in our country. Preventing their spread is vital as they could severely damage our environment, outdoor lifestyle and agriculture and tourism industries.


The National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication Program needed to make the threat real for those in industry and local business – that unless they act and become vigilant in the risk management of the movement of these super pests, our efforts to eradicate them will be thwarted.

By making this personally meaningful to the target audience (who may in the past have been motivated more by individual gain than community-mindedness), we will better affect behavioural change and collectively bring about the end of this threat to our lifestyle as we know it.


FireAnts Phase-1 Poster
We created an impactful image as a metaphor for the danger fire ants pose through human assisted movement of materials and asked the audience to consider what they’re actually moving. By using a powerful visual combined with the emotive words connecting to relevant recent events, the message is thought provoking and tells the evocative story of what inaction will mean.

Providence, South Ripley – Everything a town should be.

Providence is a contemporary, forward-looking development with the heart and soul of a traditional Australian town. Located in the heart of the Ripley Valley in South-East Queensland, over the next two decades Providence will become home to more than 20,000 people, creating a like-minded, inclusive community that sets the benchmark for the way we live in the future.


Engine was asked to rebrand and redesign the look and feel of Providence’s communications to highlight the developer’s family-owned credentials and heartfelt desire to create a vibrant, connected, lively community where people feel instantly at home, love where they live and care about friendships, neighbourliness and positive values.


Hero Brochure
We developed a brand voice for Providence that reflects the harmony of thinking that exists between the people of Providence and the developer, reinforcing the idea that the town is a partnership between the two. The we agree strategy represents a promise – we believe in the same values you believe in, we agree with you what is important to the future success of our town, we agree to always put the needs of the people of Providence first.

Vanuatu – Tourism in the time of a pandemic.

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has closed borders across the globe and decimated the tourism industry. For countries like Vanuatu, where 46% of GDP is derived from tourism and tourism-related industries, this is a major issue. Ensuring that Vanuatu remains top of mind for holidaymakers when travel resumes again is a key priority.


The Vanuatu Tourism Office wanted to keep Vanuatu in the consideration set for holidaymakers, while bearing in mind the current situation and how people are feeling.

In addition to encouraging those who had already booked a holiday to postpone their trip, rather than cancelling it, there was an opportunity to connect with travellers who were already interested and engaged with the ‘Answer the call of Vanuatu’ brand positioning as they had previously visited Vanuatu or had the destination on their to-go list for the future.


We created a campaign that reassured travellers that everything they love about Vanuatu will still be waiting for them when the current situation eases. The islands will still be beautifully untouched, the adventures will still be breathtaking, the culture will still be unique and every moment will still be unforgettable.

And naturally, when Vanuatu’s doors are open again, the welcome will be warmer than ever.

At Engine, we’re committed to the idea that creativity in thinking and execution leads to the most memorable and effective communications. We work hand in hand with our clients to explore possibilities, identify opportunities and develop strategies that will create positive change for their business, for their brand and for their future.

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