Generational Nuances and Triggers. Webinar series

Are you fluent in Gen Z?

Queensland Government webinar series – #3 “Gen who? How to Understand Generational Nuances.”

The third of Engine’s inspirational series of webinars for Queensland Government Procurement, Gen who? How to Understand Generational Nuances, asks how can you affect change in an audience that doesn’t think like you?

Engine Strategist and General Manager Kym Vercoe lets you in on the secrets to bridging the communication gap and engaging with each generation in ways that make sense to them. Find out all you ever wanted to know about:

  • Baby Boomers, Gen X, Y, Z and Alpha
  • The how, what and where of communications
  • The triggers that work
  • Briefing tips

Every generation is different and whether you’re a government department, a private business focused on growth or a retail company keen to attract more customers, learning to speak their language should be your number one priority.

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