Best of the April Fool’s Ads 2021

Join us for a laugh at a few of our favourite April Fool’s ads

1 April 2021

What better way to take a breath and remind ourselves that laughter is the best medicine than to indulge in a few April Fool’s campaigns. Here’s a few we saw today that tickled our fancy. Enjoy – and happy Easter to you all.

Pickle Slushie anyone?

Burger King Pickle Slushie
Nicely played Burger King NZ – frozen pickle drink. Mmm tasty.

NSW Central Station going digital

NSW Central Station digital clock
According to NSW Govt Public Transport, they’re gone digital for the Central Station clock tower – waterproof to 50m. Love the German design firm responsible for this.

IKEA Hund Couture – bow wow

IKEA Hund Couture
IKEA bags put to fabulous doggo use with their new Hund Couture range. Woof indeed.

Stand out fashion from YD

YD hi vis
YD Australia has safety fully covered with their hi-vis suit – from worksite to work drinks. Yeow

Nando’s Chip-tastic Finger Gloves

Nando's Chip Finger Gloves
Saving us from the seasoning dust from their Peri Peri Chicken, these finger gloves from Nando’s are taking hygiene to the next level.

Domino’s Garlic Bread sans Garlic

Domino's Bread
Love garlic bread but worried about garlic breath? Domino’s has this sorted with their new garlic-less garlic bread. Brilliant!

Vegemite Dare?

Vegemite Dare
Iced coffee that tastes like Australia? Oh my. They’ve just gone a step too far in the eeew stakes. Nice playing in the sand pit together for these two brands.

For the lovers of Coriander everywhere

Subway Coriander
Subway has a new cookie bound to divide the nation. A collective nooooo from the folks with a coriander phobia.

South Australia – really?

SA go down south
And we leave you with a somewhat racy ad for South Australia who beckon us to ‘go down south with your mouth’. We’ll leave it right there SA.

Hope you had a laugh and had your mood lightened as we head into a long weekend. Happy Easter to you and yours.

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