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Sharing the love this Valentine’s

At Engine we love, love. We love the industry, we love the work and we love creating positive change. So, today, on this day of love, we are sharing with you, the love of great creative.

2020 – the year no-one saw coming.

In 2020, the industry was turned upside-down with the COVID pandemic. But against the odds, the industry globally cracked on and delivered some really creative and memorable content.

So, this Valentine’s Day, the Engine team wanted to share some of our favourite ads from around the world from 2020… enjoy.


Client: Tourism Tasmania | Country: Australia | Date: October 2020
Tasmania Come Down for Air
They say a picture tells a thousand words. For me the power of the idea is beautifully conveyed in just 4 words. An absolute cracking line in a category that needs all the help it can get right now.
– Tim Weger, Managing Director


Client: RM Williams | Country: Australia | Date: October 2020
RM Williams Hugh Jackman
So much to love about this ad for RM Williams. Love the writing, the art direction and well, who doesn’t love a bit of Hugh? He’s the perfect brand ambassador (helped that he was a shareholder), but his quintessential Aussie style is so well aligned with the brand’s personality and it’s done wonders for connecting this iconic brand with the international market with nearly 2.5million views since launch.
– Kym Vercoe, General Manager


Client: Menulog | Country: Australia | Date: June 2020
MenuLog Snoop Dog
I’d usually go for something emotive and beautiful, but I have to say the campaign I most enjoyed and remembered from 2020 is the extension of Menulog’s creative platform ‘Did somebody say Menulog’.

The introduction of Snoop has had me singing a jingle like never before. Awesome use of celebrity talent and plain ol’ feel good factor. Tacos to the chateau!
– Sarah Deery, Senior Account Director


Client: Apple | Country: USA | Date: July 2020
Working from home Apple
Making the shift from working in an office environment to working from home became the new norm for businesses globally in 2020. This spot for Apple was released amongst the chaos and had me laughing, relating and using features on my Apple products that I’ve never used before!
– Mila King, Senior Account Executive


Client: NRMA | Country: Australia | Date: November 2020
NRMA Sleeper
I love the way this film leads you to the inevitable conclusion that the mother falling asleep at the wheel means the family’s car will smash into the truck, only to then pull the rug from under your feet and take you in a totally unexpected direction. Beautifully shot and edited, the visuals propel the drama of the night seamlessly into the calm of the new dawn, and are accompanied by a soundtrack that adds exactly the right amount of danger, intrigue and emotion.

My one tiny issue is that, compared to the memorable visuals and after a great set up line of ‘Until all our cars can drive themselves’, the flat and instructional pay-off ‘Drive Safe’ feels exactly that, a bit safe. I was hoping for something more personal and empowering. Probably a client mandatory.
– Karl Mather, Senior Writer


Client: IKEA | Country: UK | Date: September 2020
IKEA The Hare
Tomorrow starts tonight is such a great line to promote the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. That aside, this spot just gets everything right. The production values and pacing are great, the soundtrack (Roots Manuva) and audio are perfect and the insight elevates this campaign above the usual comfort positioning. It’s so easy to forget that an ad has to engage and entertain. Tick box creative might get the nod in the captive audience of a research group, but it doesn’t give people in the real world any reason to stop what they’re doing and interact with your brand. I know a spot has worked on me when I click the replay button straight away. And I did when I first saw this. Twice.
– Mark Smith, Creative Director

Of course we love all the work we create here at Engine as well, the latest being for Ormiston College which will definitely give you the feels. You can see that work here.
Ormiston Spark Something Wonderful

And, if you are curious to see what the team at Engine were busy creating in 2020, click here to see what we got up to.

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