Department of
Transport and
Mains Road


The Queensland Government needed to generate awareness of the Bruce Highway Upgrades that are occurring. These are significant road works which will cause significant delays for commuters and transport drivers during the 3 year period. The role of the campaign was to develop a persona that would help people appreciate the long term benefits of the roadworks.


The purpose for the development of a social media strategy for “The road to a better Queensland” campaign was to build civic pride in the Bruce Highway and communicate what it brings to Queensland both as an economy and its individual communities.

As the campaign was rolled out of the TMR Qld Facebook page, there was an expectation that existing Facebook users would have a neutral (at best) emotional connection to the Department. The content endeavoured to develop a more sympathetic and appreciative Facebook community for the Department and the Bruce Highway upgrades in particular.

By providing stories that demonstrate the diversity and vitality of the communities along the Bruce Highway and by inference, demonstrate the importance of the highway upgrades, we connected with the real people most impacted not just by the roadworks, but by the long term usability of the highway. All content needed to be bespoke for this campaign due to the department’s guidelines.