MS Queensland


Not everyone can look forward to the future. An MS diagnosis – at an average age of just 30 – means a lifelong battle with a disease that attacks the central nervous system in any number of ways. While most people have heard of multiple sclerosis, few understand what it is or how it impacts people’s lives. Raising awareness of MS would encourage more people to engage with MS Queensland in activities and fundraising – helping those living with the disease to step into a brighter future.


We like to believe we’re in control of our lives and that being fit and healthy is a choice we can all make. So we created a TVC that felt like a motivational spot for a sportswear brand – a young woman jogging because ‘Every step you take is a step further from who you were and a step closer to who you will be’. And just when we’re filled with hope and inspiration, we turn those words around by revealing that she now has MS. Fate has dealt her a bad hand and her journey to who she will be is now slow and painful.

This pro bono campaign also featured print and outdoor executions showing various people swimming, cycling and running towards their respective fates – a wheelchair and sight dog; a hospital; and an ambulance – highlighting MS’s ability to stop you in your tracks.