Timber Framing – The Ultimate Renewable™


With steel on the rise, the timber framing industry needed to stand proudly and bring this sustainable material back into the hearts and minds of people building new homes across the nation.


It was more than creating a few ads. Through in-depth industry research and collaboration, we developed a multifaceted strategy to turn the tens of thousands of people in the supply chain into passionate and well-equipped advocates for timber framing.

The strategy included developing a B2B platform to unify the industry’s marketing, transforming the existing brand category into a highly desirable asset and creating a suite of creative resources that share timber framing’s incredible green story. These creative resources were then insightfully launched into the hands of the industry through an emotive and pointed campaign, inspiring the supply chain to adopt the resources as their own, cascade them to their networks and promote the sustainable resource that locks up carbon, protects the air we breathe and helps build a better world.