Department of
State Development,
Local Government
and Planning


The Department of State Development was working with Councils throughout Queensland on key areas for economic and socially sustainable growth. The projects were linked, through their general structure, however there was industry facing terminology which was different to consumer facing. This not only proved confusing, but for communities they felt completely out of touch. And extremely negative and fearful that the ‘opportunity’ would completely change everything they loved about where they lived. The development and change in these regional centres was going to be significant, so it was vital that the community - and industry - knew that the essence of these communities, what made them special, was key in delivering each project.


We developed an overarching brand framework with the name ‘GLOBAL TOURISM HUB’ to define these integrated development areas. It was one statement for industry and for communities. We designed the device and subsequent marketing pieces to celebrate the individuality of each region. For State Development, the significance of the opportunity around the state was seen in a similar framework, but for communities, they could identity with the development in their local area.