Australia for UNHCR


There are 70.8 million displaced people in the world – a statistic that grows by 20 people a minute. Desperate men, women and children forced to flee conflict and persecution, often with nothing but the clothes on their back. Asking people to donate to Australia for UNHCR helps deliver short-term aid, but it does little to raise awareness of the plight of refugees.

With World Refugee Day approaching, we had the perfect platform to launch an idea that would not only raise much-needed funds, but also spark a conversation the world needs to have.


A blanket. In many cultures, it’s a gift that brings blessings. For children, it’s a de facto teddy bear. For parents, a show of warmth and love. And for a refugee, it’s often all they have.

The image of a refugee huddled in a UNHCR blanket is one we’ve all seen on our TV screens. What if we leveraged this icon so that Australians could help keep refugees safe and warm – and their own families snug, too?

The World’s Most feel-good Blanket gives purchasers the warm and fuzzies like no other, as all profits are donated to Australia for UNHCR. What’s more, this 100% organic cotton blanket is certified by Fairtrade Australia – which encourages sustainable farming practices and respects the social, economic and labour rights of farmers and manufacturers.

But what really makes it so valuable is its ability to start a conversation and highlight a desperate cause. Every blanket is a reminder that there are tens of millions of people out there who don’t need a blanket to snuggle… they need it to survive.