Public Transport on the Gold Coast was about to improve significantly. The G:Link tram was ready to launch, and bus and train services were becoming more frequent and with more direct routes.

But public Transport was largely seen as a second-rate travel option on the Gold Coast with poor patronage figures. Only 3.8% of people on the Gold Coast use public transport to travel to work (compared with 12.7% in Brisbane). There are similar research-based statistics for other public transport usage.


We set about the task of developing a public transport culture on the Gold Coast. We asked people to fall in love with public transport on the Gold Coast and cupid helped us do just that.

We developed a totally integrated above-the-line and below-the-line behavioural change and awareness campaign, based on a solid marketing and brand platform. The campaign launched in July 2014 and included extensive Outdoor, Adshel, Transit, Point of Sale, Digital, Radio, Microsite & Social. The campaign is currently still live.

The above-the-line campaign was also supported with below the line efforts, including postcards, eDMs and activations. Activations were supported by a Facebook app where people were able to have their photo with cupid.

This first campaign is just the beginning in affecting behavioural change and additional campaigns will be developed to continue with the objective of developing a public transport culture on the Gold Coast.