Queensland Fire and Emergency Services


When it comes to bushfires, the greatest danger is complacency. Few people take preventative action because they simply don’t think it will happen to them. Even in at-risk areas, at least 40% of households were not aware they were potentially living in a bushfire’s path.

As bushfire season approached, QFES (Queensland Fire and Emergency Services) wanted to highlight how quickly the unexpected can happen – and that it’s time to wake up to a very real threat and make a bushfire plan.


We created an online video that initially shows people what they expect – a perfect Queensland day. Only it quickly becomes apparent that the orange glow is no sunset and things turn to horror in a moment.

Once we’d created awareness of bushfire risk, viewers were directed to a postcode checker on the campaign’s landing page. Those highlighted at risk were invited to complete a bushfire survival plan. All users were encouraged to check for – or share with – family and friends. It’s a powerful piece of work designed to spark a conversation that may well save lives.