We love it when a plan comes together

The Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan – six little words that spell out a massive $62 billion undertaking that will create a brand new SuperGrid and transform the way Queensland generates, stores, transports and uses energy now and in the future.

What’s the story?
The Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan is quite simply a clean energy game-changer. The SuperGrid it creates will deliver eight times more renewable energy by 2035 than we have today, it will help end coal-fired energy generation completely by 2037, it will reduce the average household’s energy bill by $150 a year and it will create jobs right across Queensland and help existing energy workers transition to renewable energy industries.
How could an agency that positions itself as Creators of Positive Change fail to be inspired and energised by that?

A massive undertaking

But first we had to win a competitive pitch that required the chosen agency to deliver across a wide range of assets and channels including a new brand, TVC, a suite of online videos including an animated visual representation of the new SuperGrid, radio spots, the actual Energy Plan and Blueprint, Overview document, a broad range of collateral, newspaper print ads, cinema, digital, social, pull-up banners and a state-wide outdoor campaign.
We worked closely with the wonderful folk in the Department of Energy and Public Works Comms Team to fine tune the messaging together with the Energy team to bring to life all the facts and figures and visualise the Plan.

Watch the TVC
Watch the digital video
Press Smelter
Press QRET

We headed west aboard a light aircraft with director Tony Prescott and photographer and drone pilot Damien Bredberg, to visit the wind farm at Coopers Gap and the hi-tech battery storage facility at Wandoan. We sent intrepid photographer Sam Scoufos on an 11 day road trip. Our camera skimmed across the waters of the pumped hydroelectric dam at Wivenhoe. We flew a drone high above Cairns, Mackay, Gympie and many more Queensland towns and cities. We even shaved our beards to be allowed into a zinc smelter in Townsville.

Road trip

Listen to the tunes that inspired us out on the road.

Working with multiple production partners including TAXI Film Production, Compadre Picture Co., The Voice Plant, 3P Studio, Mediacom Brisbane and Alex Buckingham, in just over a month we completed a major TV shoot, three stills shoots, provided assets for the Government produced website and delivered all the artwork and design elements needed in time for the September 28 launch by Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk.


Why did we put so much energy into this one?
The Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan isn’t just big news for Queensland, it’s a good news story for all Queenslanders. And it’s a story Engine is proud to have helped tell because, thanks to this forward-looking plan, the future is looking brighter for generations to come.

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