Queensland Audit Office


Queensland Audit Office as an organisation had evolved, and they did not feel their existing brand was a true representation of who they were as a business. In the simplest terms they were looking to refresh the look and feel of the brand to help articulate their purpose as well as specific services as part of their corporate strategy. The brand needed to modernise to present the professionalism being experienced at a functional level. Motivating employees and making them feel proud of the brand was also one of the QAO's goals.


As well as working with the QAO on their brand refresh, we saw the opportunity to support them further by articulating their values in more than just the visual look and feel. Their passion for the organisation and what they did was clear in their creative brief so we recommended the brand refresh include options for a new tagline, designed to better communicate those values. It supported their objective of inspiring employees by finding an authentic brand position for QAO to truly own and embrace. And overall bolstered the impact of the new QAO brand to existing stakeholders and new clients moving forward.