In 2000, the dairy industry was deregulated which brought more competition to our farmers in Queensland. Since that time, this, along with unregulated farm-gate pricing, drought and various pieces of legislation, the dairy industry in Queensland has become smaller. The Queensland Government's Office of Small Business, along with the Queensland Dairyfarmers Organisation needed to bring attention to the industry to remind Queenslanders that our dairy industry was something to be proud of, to look out for and ultimately to support.


The Queensland Dairyfarmers Organisation has been working for the last 2 years with state Government on fair farm-gate price legislation. A campaign for farm-gate pricing is to happen when the legislation is passed which would have a primary purpose of encouraging behaviour change at the point of purchase. This campaign with the Office of Small Business, was designed to start the conversation and to build awareness and ergo intent. Many Queenslanders were not aware of the industry and treated dairy as a commodity - particularly milk. We wanted to create a story behind what consumers saw in their fridge - a connection to people, the animals, the communities bringing dairy to Queensland.