To Room.
Room is a black,
blank canvas.
It's a place to
and be inspired.
There's room
for all of that,
and more.

How did room come to be?

40 Leichhardt Street had a problem.

Everything was delightful on level one, as the Engine team happily settled in to their new office. The problem was downstairs. Facing one of Brisbane’s busiest streets, there was a space with empty walls and a big window.

Like all problems, this was also an opportunity.

We painted it black and called it Room. We dedicated the space to creative collaboration. The window is our invitation to all eyes that pass 40 Leichhardt Street. And we want to share our walls with the world.

What started as an idea has become a space for ideas to live. A space to showcase thoughts, artwork and expression. Our first exhibition New Beginnings successfully launched Room and allowed other exhibitions to follow. These are the ideas that have featured on our walls.

New Beginnings

One Six Nine Nine

Sometimes Room will be empty. If you have an idea you’d like to fill it with, please let us know.